BeeFab Productions Presents: Tales of a Stage 4 Cancer

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 BeeFab Productions Presents: Tales of a Stage 4 Cancer

A one woman plus one woman comedy show based on the Cancer journey of Judy Fabjance and her wife Kelly Beeman.

A lot has happened since Judy Fabjance’s original one woman show “Are You There, Judy.  Its Me Cancer.”  She got married, she wrote a new show, and oh ya, the cancer is back!  This new show, also staring her newlywed wife Kelly Beeman, explores what modern western medicine really thinks of the food you put in your mouth. Judy searches for acting roles now that she has no hair. Kelly and Judy try to spark up things in the bedroom by pushing out reality, but reality seems to always creep back in. Put on your pink ribbon and get ready to laugh, cry, and wonder who really profits from your pink ribbon.

Directed by Angie McMahon
Musical Direction Amanda Murphy
Technical Direction Keri Mack
Choreographer: MK Viktorson
Written and Performed by Judy Fabjance and Kelly Beeman
Saturday 7:30pm Donny Skybox
Sept 6-Oct 18
Tickets $15, $10 - Students and $8 - Training Center Students
Box Office: 
312-337-3992 or