Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow

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 Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow
Do you live each day like it's your last?  Are you a risk taker who prefers to tell anxiety to take a hike? Do you confidently switch lanes without using your turn signal? Yeah. Neither do we.
Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow is a Writing 6 revue that will make you laugh and scream. Life can be scary and fear can be funny. Join us as we face our fears, stop living in the black and white, and start living in color.
Starring: Colleen Gburek, Richard Kallus, Katie Kershaw, Blake Mikol, don Olson & Ruby Vega
Written By: Lauren Alexander, Rob Bodary, Chris Broniak, Antin, Durbak, Kaylee Pope & Steve Tapas
Directed by: Tyler Dean Kempf
With Musical Direction by: Brad Kemp
Fridays – March 7, 14, 21 & 28 at 9 PM
Donny’s Skybox Theatre
1608 N. Wells St. 4th Floor
$12 General Admission, $10 Students and $6 Training Center Students