D'Hôtél Winñetkå

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 D'Hôtél Winñetkå 
Feeling Lucky? D'Hôtél Winñetkå is improv at the roll of a die!  Using random selection, a six sided die, and a lucky audience member, D'Hôtél Winñetkå leaves their form, and their show completely to chance. 
D'Hôtél Winñetkå are the 2013 Chicago Improv League Champions, and have been featured at improv festivals throughout the region including: the 2013 Zoo Improv Festival, 2013 Detroit Improv Festival, and 2013 Compass Improv Festival.
Featuring: Blandy Bogue, Caleb George, Annie Goodson, Chris Littrell, Sean Price, Sarah Ray, and Josh Razavi.
Fridays at 12am January 24 - February 21
Tickets: $12 - General, $10 - Students and $6 - Training Center Students