Infinite Sundaes and Generation Whyyyy

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 Infinite Sundaes and Generation Whyyyy
Infinite Sundaes is a showcase some of the best singprov talent in town. Featuring short form, long form, and eventually culminating in a completely original musical sketch revue, these folks will sing about literally anything the mind can conjure up.
iPhones, social networking, online dating...growing up in the 21st century has never been easier - so why is it still so hard?  In Slow Clap Symphony Presents: Generation WHYYYYY, a Music Improv 6 sketch revue, eleven members of the Second City Music Program tackle maturity, society, technology, and what it means to be young - but not that young - in America.
Written by and Featuring: Kate Anderson, Phil Caron, Gabe Caruso, Bri Fitzpatrick, Nick Forrest, Kate McGroarty, Caroline Nash, Kelly Reed, Angela Southall, Christopher Woolsey and Kelly Zea
Directed by Jeffrey Bouthiette
Music Direction by Jonathan Wagner
Tickets: $12 - General Admission, $6 - Training Center Students
Show dates: Sundays from 8PM to 10PMOctober 27th through December 8th in Donny's Skybox