Love, Security, and Other Mythical Creatures

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 Love, Security, and Other Mythical Creatures

Love, Security, and Other Mythical Creatures (a Writing 6 Revue) is a sketch show about unfulfilled expectations!  Love, Security, and Other Mythical Creatureswas written by Gavin Donnellan, Brooke Hoerr, Michele Laubenthal, Chár Lee, Matt Mages, Art Mitchell, Matt Phares, and Zachary Romansky. Starring: Nick Bernardi, Layne Dixon, Scott Goehring, Liz Grossman, Katie Keenan, and Sean Kunz. You can't always get what you want, but this show is just what you need!

Director: Jay Steigmann

Musical Director: Vinnie Pillarella

Technical Director: Dujuan Pritchett

Dates: Fridays @ 9 October 15 – November 15th

Tickets: $12 – General, $6 – Students & Training Center Students