Stealing from the King and There's Nothing I Can Do About That

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 Stealing from the King and There's Nothing I Can Do About That
When sketch comedy group "Awful People" try to get away for a writing retreat in rural Maine, their lives change in an instant when they stumble upon/kidnap author Stephen King. With America's best selling horror author at their mercy, a bad situation just gets worse. Intermixed with rapid fire sketches, rock n' roll, and strong narration, we witness The King's desperation as he tries to reason with the group and their demented leader, who seems hell bent on getting exactly what he wants. Tensions rise, friendships are destroyed, and it all leads to one fiery conclusion. 
Awful People present Stealing from the King is a darkly humorous and profane 35-minute love letter to the King of horror and his massive body of work. It features a wraparound story chock full of King tropes and straight on parodies in between. Narrated by Gregory Hollimon (Strangers with Candy) and performed by Brooke Elbrecht, Mel Forrest, Trey Hanks, Keegan Hill, Warren Phynix Johnson, and Derek Schleelein. Directed by Wolfgang Stein.
There's Nothing I Can Do About That is a sketch comedy revue that will take you on a cheery tour through our collective feelings of helplessness and apathy. You'll encounter violent grandmothers, convoluted Halloween costumes, cake, a well-meaning gay couple, and a therapist determined to convince his patients that the world's problems just sound better when they're sung.
Thursday, 10:30pm, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Tickets: $12 - General, $10 - Students and $6 - Training Center Students