Mutiny on the Short Bus

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 Mutiny on the Short Bus

Mutiny on the Short Bus (a Writing 6 Revue) is a show that takes back the “short bus”! We’re tired of dancing around it; we all have limitations.Mutiny on the Short Bus was written by Diana Arcia, John Deger, Paul Fruhwirth, Thomas Hunt, Justin Schupan, Tamara Rozosky, and Chris Terry.Starring: Katherine Biskupic, Aaron Burns, Katie Kershaw, Martin Morrow, Amy Rose, and Brad Selvig. Everyone’s welcome on the short bus – all aboard!

Director: Jay Steigmann

Musical Director: Jeff Bouthiette

Technical director Dujuan Pritchett

Dates: Fridays @ 9 in May… August 10 – Sept 20

Tickets: $12 - General, $10 - Students and $6 - Training Center Students