Social Insecurity and Sweet Tease

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 Social Insecurity and Sweet Tease
We all make bad decisions. We're humans, and sometimes we're dumb. But instead of regretting them, trying to forget about them, or angrily writing reviews onYelp!, we should celebrate them! Our worst decisions can make the best stories. So let's forget that we're adults for a night and make some memories that will make your crazy Uncle Joe blush. Please join Social Insecurity, and let's make bad decisions.
Starring: Nick DiMaso, Matt A. Fox, Dave Halvax, Becky Regalado, Alex Wiseman, and Hannah Withers
Director: Peyton Wilson
Sweet Tease is seven Chicago women exploring what it means to be a woman on and off-stage. Blending embarrassing and poignant personal stories with fearless and risk-taking improv, Sweet Tease will embody all the roles women play and expose the awkward, silly, touching, and powerful moments that happen when women come together. Sweet Tease is Ali Barthwell, Lori Lewis, Chelsea Norment, Yvette Rebik, Erin Hickey, Katie Froelich, and Kristi McKay.
Thursdays at 10:30pmAugust 29 - September 26
Tickets: $12 - General, $10 - Students, and $8 - Training Center Students