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A spotlight on what the greatest movies missed.

Lights, Camera, Deleted! is a comedy sketch show for the movie lover in everyone. No genre is safe: sci-fi, horror, rom-coms and more get a chance to show the audience what could have been, what should have been, and what-the-hey? Give your Netflix account a rest and have a laugh as the cast Natalie Carneal, Matt Derda, Geoffrey Dow, Gilbert Galon, Marie Maloney, and Caroline Nash play in all your favorite films. Written by Maryrose Beirne, Rick Bongorno, Joel Gonzalez, Oona O’Leary, and Chad Wheeler  with music by Bill Altorfer and directed by Anthony LeBlanc, Lights, Camera, Deleted! will satirize, wax nostalgic, and send you home in stitches.

Days & Time: Saturday, 10:30pm July 27 - August 17

Location: Donny’s Skybox, Second City Training Center, 1616 N. Wells

Tickets: $13 General; $10 Student; $8 Hot-Tix & SCTC Students

Lights, Camera, Deleted! Still cheaper than IMAX.