Group Home and Pierre: TV

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 Group Home and Pierre: TV
Come spend an evening of improv with Group Home at Donny's Skybox Theater! 

Laugh! Cry! Be forever changed! And since it's improv, come again! You'll never see the same show twice! If you like the show, tell friends! If you don't like the show, tell enemies!

Group Home is: Ashley Schulter, Claire Swanson, Holly Lambert, John Clucas, Kristen Tallon and Madison Smith. Directed by Jay Sukow.
Tune into Pierre TV every Thursday night at 10.30PM, April 25th to May 30th. Pierre consists of Erin Schaut, Joe Ferrell, John O'Brien, Myles Hutto, Nick Aillo, and Will Flanagan. They are directed by David Flora. 1,000 channels, one sketch show. Viewer discretion is strongly discouraged. Click.
Thursday, 10:30pm April 25th - May 30th
Tickets: $12 - General, $10 - Student and $6 - Training Center Student