Meowsers (St. Louis) and JED (Chicago)

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 Meowsers (St. Louis) and JED (Chicago)


from The Improv Shop, St. Louis
with Pat Niday, John LaLoggia, Jake Sellers, Jacob McGuire, Lorne Cox, Lorne Cox
Meowsers is a long form improv group hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. Winners of The Improv Shop’s March Mayhemprovisation Tournament 2012, Meowsers has performed at The Improv Shop (St. Louis), The Upstairs Gallery (Chicago), Truman State University, Quincy University, and recently at the inaugural Compass Improv Festival (St. Louis). Coached by Michael Pizza’s Eric Christensen, the five men of Meowsers are dedicated to boyish fun at any cost.



from Chicago
with Joe Bill and Ed Furman
Improv guru Joe Bill and Chicago comedy icon Ed Furman have been improvising together for 25 years. Their show JED offers a chance to see two improv veterans explore, ravage, and mutilate a single suggestion in real time. JED creates a one-act play before your very eyes; no edits, no safety nets, no foolin’. Sometimes edgy, sometimes poignant, sometimes almost uncomfortably too intense, JED always delivers on the laughs as it takes you on a journey. 



Saturday, Apr 6, 2013
7:00 pm