Warren (NYC), Princess Cake (L.A.) and The Scramble (NYC)

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 Warren (NYC), Princess Cake (L.A.) and The Scramble (NYC)
from New York City
with Brady O’Callahan, Joey Price, Dan LoPreto, Liz Noth, Michael Greene, Brennan Lee Mulligan
Warren is a group of 6 improvisers, trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, that believes in relentless fun. They have performed at the Chicago Improv Festival (as part of Indie Cage Match), the Del Close Marathon, the Bellwether Improv Festival, and CageMatch.


WARREN war·ren/?wôr?n/ Noun: 1. A group of rabbits (who do improv). 2. A network of interconnecting rabbit burrows (built for improv). 3. A densely populated or labyrinthine building or district (where people do improv).

Princess Cake
from Los Angeles
with Zach Fairless, Mike Critelli, Nick Luciano, Alex Nelson, Joe Weber
Known for their instant agreement and group play, Princess Cake’s textured montage pushes the limits of the form in a barrage of scenes that juxtapose slow and fast-play, real and absurd, quiet and out-of-control. Having been trained by Upright Citizens Brigade, Miles Stroth and Annoyance Theater’s Emily Candini, Princess Cake’s play borrows from important elements of each train-of-thought in order to create an unpredictable, high-energy and satisfying improvisational piece. 
The Scramble
from Upright Citizens Brigade, New York City
with Lou Gonzalez, Gia Ingram, Mariola Figueroa, Frank Angelini, Kim Brown, Sachi Ezura, James Leggero, Rachel Mason, Nick Mendillo, Ian O’Keeffe, Brian Urreta, Matt Grossman, Marie Latagan
Under the direction of Ari Voukydis, The Scramble is an advanced performance group from the UCB theatre in NYC.


Scramble Mechanics were developed by Joe Bill out of Chicago’s Annoyance Theater. The Scramble is a wonderful blend of patience and risk. 


Friday, Apr 5, 2013
11:59 pm