Plain White She’s (Denver), Adrift (Philadelphia) and Potential Boyfriends (Chicago)

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Plain White She’s (Denver), Adrift (Philadelphia) and Potential Boyfriends (Chicago)
Plain White She’s
from Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, Denver
with Heather Curran, Jaimie Kulikowski
2 women + 2 locations = lots of laughs


The Plain White She’s just finished a six week winning streak at the Duel – An Improv Cagematch where two teams compete and the audience votes for the winner. They strive to perform quality improv with character depth, strong relationships and interesting stories.

Jaimie Kulikowski is a graduate of the Bovine Metropolis Theater school of improv. After graduating in 2010, she went on to become an instructor of level 1 & 2 students. She was a cast member of Denver’s Next Improv Star in 2011 and the short form show On The Spot. She currently plays with The Plain White She’s, the Bovine house team Call Time, and the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse team, Jane’s Addiction.

Heather Curran has studied long form with the Yes! Lab as well as short form at Impulse Theater. After completing just one level with Impulse, Heather was selected to be on their developmental cast in training. She currently plays with long form teams The Plain White She’s and Kill Screen, the Bovine house team Deaf Leopard, and the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse team, Jane’s Addiction.

from Figment Theater, Philadelphia
with guests performers: Alli Soowal (Philadelphia), Christina Gausas (New York City), David Dritsas (Chicago), Kevin Pettit (Philadelphia), Matt Nelson (Philadelphia), Susan Messing (Chicago), Tara DeFrancisco (Chicago)

Disaster has struck at sea! A small handful of survivors have made it onto a life raft and find themselves adrift with no land in sight. Taking place over the course of several days at sea, the audience first inspires and then watches as the survivors face what fate holds for them. Featuring a rotating cast of improv veterans from around North America, this nationally-touring comedy roadshow has been seen in over a dozen festivals in cities like Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Baltimore. Now Adrift floats by CIF for a special two-night engagement. 

Potential Boyfriends
from Studio BE, Chicago
with Peter Corey, Pat Ivansek, Nick Johnson, Joey Lesiak
The heart of the Potential Boyfriends’ form is four good friends hanging out. The guys meet at the top of the show to hash out one audience suggestion through discussion that often gets very heated. This group discussion is returned to twice more in the performance, each time taking a deeper thematic dive. Montages of scenes inspired by topics presented comes between these group discussions.

Friday, Apr 5, 2013
10:00 pm