The Tokens: Unapologetic

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 The Tokens: Unapologetic

Are all whites secretly Alcoholic Republicans? Do black people really use butter in their hair? Do Asians only have a widescreen view of the world, while everyone else gets full screen?  Did we really just ask you that? Yes.  We did.  Welcome to the edge of the cliff, the “bad” side. It’s called the world of no apologies.  Female Fantasy land.  A male’s wet dream. Welcome to a fierce and unafraid show, where anything goes.  Welcome to: Unapologetic.  

A show written & performed by: Natasha Bhamla, Amy Haeussler, and Ronke Soyode

Directed by: Katie Thomas

Musical direction by: Jack Pelzer

Stage managed by: Keri Mack

Tickets: $12 - General, $10 - Students and $6 - Training Center Students