These Kids Will Keep You Young!

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These Kids Will Keep You Young!
A show for people who grew up, by people who haven’t.
Written and Performed by: Sarah Dell’Amico,
Anthony Duran, Gilbert Galon, Alan Linic, Lily Sullivan
Music Direction by David Knoell
Technical Direction By Keri Mack
Produced and Directed by Jeff Poole
These Kids Will Keep You Young! a sketch comedy revue for people who have grown up and gotten real jobs by a group of twenty somethings who refuse to do so.  From a man who can say only one phrase to a girl who gets things done when she is drunk, “These Kids” proves adolescence can be even harder the second time around.   Produced and directed by S.C.T.C. Faculty member Jeff Poole.
Saturday, 10:30pm, December 22, 29, January 5, 12, 19
Tickets: $13 - General, $10 - Students and $8 - Training Center Student